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Skin, the largest organ of the body, is highly functional and its first charge is to protect the body by defending it against pollution, germs, debris, sun damage, etc. However, when fluids are applied to the skin, whether that is onto your face, body or scalp, your pores indiscriminately absorb the moisture into your body.  Therefore, if you apply natural, organic, or chemical ingredients onto your body or scalp, your pores will transport said ingredients directly into your body.

Kalaiaah’s facial care products contain plant derived natural and “certified” organic ingredients.  We recommend that you buy certified organic, eco-friendly and naturally organic products to ensure that your skin is absorbing pure and natural ingredients which are rooted in nature and therefore, more than likely will have zero to minimal chemicals and chemical processes associated. You should be able to trust organic and natural products to enhance your looks, not pollute the environment or your body. Ingredients should be fully disclosed on each product with in-depth details on the website, which you will find with all of our products.

Currently, the marketplace has many organic, eco-friendly and naturally derived products that are outrageously priced, but quality products that are pure and organic should not necessarily equate to outrageous pricing.


try this website  Kalaiaah’s mission is to offer high-end products with low-end pricing.

In addition:

— Kalaiaah’s Organic Products are comprised of pure, healing and nourishing products that DO NOT contain parabens, hexanes, sulfates, dyes, mineral oils, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, or toxic chemicals.


__Kalaiaah’s packaging is sustainable PET bottles and jars; friendly to our environment.

            Benefits of our PET Bottles & Jars include:
  • Lightweight: Cost-effective to make, which reduces transport energy cost and therefore, savings to our environment.
  • Safety: wont shatter thereby avoiding hazard if broken or damaged
  • Re-sealable: safe & suitable for multi-use
  • Convenient: as on-the-go travel or usage
  • Recyclable & Sustainable: Can and should be recycled making them environmentally friendly


We take pride is offering you the Kalaiaah’s Organic & Natural product skincare line. We look forward to hearing about your observations and results when using Kalaiaah products. Thank you for your support.



Certified Organic

When purchasing products to use on your body, it is important that you review what is included in terms of its ingredients. Equally important is that you understand what is NOT included in your product ingredients. Did you know that a study conducted in 2006 by Chemical Safe Skincare Research found that the average woman absorbs five pounds or more (EVERY YEAR) of toxins into her body from cosmetic products (skin, body, hair care products) she puts on her skin?


Many industry watchdog organizations have fully researched and documented the impact of toxic chemicals used in cosmetic/body care products and have noted that they are disruptive to the endocrine and reproductive hormones; are allergens and gene modifiers, etc. Also documented is the fact that these toxins are not effectively eliminated from the body and therefore, residue can remain in the body for several years. More in-depth research is needed to determine the long-term effects of prolonged toxins in body tissue. However, many experts believe that such prolonged exposure to toxins is responsible for allergies, autoimmune disorders, birth defects and other health challenges. Make the decision now to use products with certified organic ingredients for your skin and hair as in doing so, is well….smart


Our tagline: Because you deserve more, is not just a slogan; but a way of thinking and doing as Kalaiaah’s Organic and Natural products are laboratory developed with a focus on delivering clean, effective, non-toxic skin and hair care products for your family.



Therefore, the below noted ingredients/processes, DO NOT meet our standards and we consider them to be unacceptable for our organic & natural products:


Petrochemicals (including paraffin, petrolatum & mineral oils)


Parabens – petrochemicals that are estrogenic, carcinogenic & allergenic


Artificial Colorants


Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfates


Animal Testing


Triclosan – found in a lot of antimicrobial soaps and toothpaste products, it can react with chlorine in the tap water to create chloroform.


DMDM Hydantoin/Diazonial Urea – strong irritant, releases formaldehyde, toxic




TEA, DEA, MEA – chemical used as a thickening agent in cosmetics, highly toxic to the skin, immune & respiratory systems


Benzoyl Peroxide – chemical bleaching agent used in acne treatments, bar soap, facial cleansers, hair dyes & food additives; highly toxic & irritating to the skin


Dioxin – powerful hormone disrupting chemical linked to cancer, nervous system disorders, miscarriages & birth deformity. stored in fat cells, contained in sulfates that provide foaming action




Methylisothiazolineone – strong chemical substance used as a preservative in many skin care products. It has been shown to cause allergic reactions.