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Your skin is the largest organ on your body and is your system of protection and defense from the environment. It is constantly barraged with impurities from the world around you and is porous and absorbs many things that your body comes into contact with. Employing a few detoxification methods such as dry brushing, detoxifying cleansers and detoxifying baths will help clear the skin of these toxins. Stimulating the skin can also assist other body systems in functioning properly.


Dry Skin Brushing – What Is It?


The practice of dry brushing is heralded as a tremendous stimulation and support for the lymphatic system, a network which functions as part of the circulatory system and is comprised of many vessels which transport lymphatic fluid directionally toward the heart. The lymphatic system is involved in the production of bone marrow, carries waste products, cell debris, bacteria and proteins and acts as an intricate bridge between intestinal fluid and the blood.


Dry brushing also exfoliates the skin, can stimulate the pores and help clean them, and may support proper kidney function. Many individuals believe it has helped improve the appearance of cellulite and scarring or assisted with weight loss.


Dry Skin Brushing – What Is The Technique?


To dry brush the skin, choose a natural bristle brush that is comfortable to hold in your hand. Brush in long upward strokes from the feet over the entire body. Always brush in a direction leading toward the heart because the function is to stimulate the lymphatic system which flows upward inside the body. Do not press so hard as to mark the skin and brush each section of skin several times for the maximum benefit. You may use this technique on your entire body including your face.


Perform this routine daily or twice daily. For still more powerful detoxification, using a detoxifying cleanser or taking a detox bath after dry brushing will greatly maximize the benefit of all of these activities and allow them to work in tandem.


Detoxifying Cleanser


Using a detoxifying cleanser on your skin will help to draw impurities outward improving skin’s health. Many detoxifying cleansers will contain charcoal, a substance that is tremendously effective at skin detoxification. Charcoal is extremely porous in nature can trap and eliminate toxins in and on the body.


Some detox cleansers will contain bentonite clay which is comprised of volcanic ash. This substance works to detoxify skin because it both swells and creates an electrical charge that then draws impurities into it to be washed away. It may be particularly effective in removing heavy metals from the body.


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 Detoxifying Apple Cider Vinegar Bath


After dry brushing, consider a nutrient and vitamin rich, pH balancing ACV bath. An ACV bath is easily accomplished at home by adding 1 to 2 cups of vinegar to water hot enough to open your pores. Soak in this bath for up to 30 minutes for maximum effects. Some report that this detox bath can cause the body to sweat quite a lot, so staying hydrated is very important and will also assist in flushing toxins. ACV baths can be beneficial to conditions such as gout, arthritis and general body inflammation as well as being a great detoxifying bath.


 Mineral Baths


Mineral baths vary greatly depending on the minerals used but they can be very effective in detoxifying in conjunction with dry brushing or on their own. They can have an acidic, basic or neutral pH and will differ in chemical composition and in the type of gasses present. To be considered therapeutic, the bath must contain at least 1 gram per liter of dissolved mineral solids. Calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium, chloride, silicon dioxide, iron, bicarbonate, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide may all be found in mineral baths. Bicarbonate and carbon dioxide baths are particularly detoxifying as they open up the blood vessels and improve circulation.  They provide support to the endocrine system as well, making mineral baths great options to combat stress and detoxify simultaneously.


Clay Baths


Clay baths work for the same reason detoxifying clay cleansers are beneficial. The clay is extremely effective at drawing impurities out of the body and skin and into the water. They are generally regarded as very safe and can be performed at home by mixing powdered clay into your bathwater. Scatter 2 cups of powdered clay into the water while it runs and distribute to avoid clumping, or premix a slurry of 1 part clay to 8 parts water into a lidded container. Shake the container vigorously and let stand for two hours, then shake again. Now the solution is ready to add to your bath. A clay bath of very hot temperature should last approximately 20 minutes. If using a cooler water temperature you may steep in the bath for a longer time.

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  1. I love your site it’s very informative and i use some of the tips you blog about and i keep seeing positive results. I’ve purchased the Super Vitamin C moisturizer cause i have dry skin and that product works wonders for me. Thank you for this site and products keep the good tips and products coming.

    1. Thank you for your comments and your support. Keep using the Super Vitamin C Moisturizer day and night and you will notice the difference in your skin’s hydration/elasticity. Thanks again! Kalaiaah

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