Hair Care

11 Tips to Growing Healthy & Long Hair

Unlike skin, how you care for your hair is driven by your ethnicity.  However, though hair growth strategies differ between ethnicities, we’ve developed our list of tips based on commonalities of shared best practices which work wonders across the ethnic spectrum. Therefore, these 11 tips to growing healthy and long hair will work for the masses:

  1. Proper Nourishment—eat a balanced, preferably organic diet.
  2. Managing Stress—will keep out of control hair damaging hormones at bay.
  3. Adequate Sleep—will make you feel better, look better and helps with de-stressing.
  4. Supplements: take a multiple vitamin daily along with biotin
  5. Avoid over-washing your hair as daily washing is unnecessary & strips essential natural oils from your hair.
  6. Deep Condition & Moisturize your hair with every wash. See our Thermal Deep Conditioning Gel Cap
  7. Always Close Cuticles after every wash with a cold rinse (optional: seal with gel or oil)
  8. Avoid heat/hot tools by air drying naturally; braid or twist and air dry.
  9. Minimize manipulating your hair, especially while it is wet.
  10. Massage your scalp 3-5 times per week using carrier oil (coconut, olive) with a few drops of essential (rosemary or mint) oils. Coconut is recommended as its lighter and will not weigh down your hair considering the fewer washes suggested.
  11. Trim ends only when necessary and not by your stylist’s calendar.