Microfiber a Beauty Essential

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Why Microfiber is a must have beauty essential you might ask? Read on to find out why.

  • Plush, soft, gentle, light-weight, strong, super absorbent microfiber face and hair towels that are must haves!
    • Holds up to seven times its weight in water
    • Long lifespan
    • Durable and lint free
    • Effectively absorbs water, dirt & oils
    • Great exfoliation capabilities

Proscalpin to buy in canada We have two microfiber products that were developed expressly with you in mind:


buy clomid online Aah Face Towel

Face it: Our Microfiber Face Towel is the perfect solution to for  cleaner skin as it gently sloughs off dead skin cells. For best results, use with one of our organic & natural face cleansers. Whether cleaning your face or when drying your face after cleansing, your face deserves its own towel, which should not be confused with a body or hair towel.  Further, keeping your face towel separate from other towels and garments to be laundered helps you to maintain your face towel longer and in better condition. Quickly hand washing your face towel with a mild detergent in luke warm water is one of the best things you can do to keep your face towel clean, soft and without residual chemicals from your regular laundry detergents sticking onto your face towel.

Aah Hair Towel

#SaveYourHair! Protect your hair and allow its natural shine to pop when you use our microfiber towel thereby negating the need to do a full force blow drying session. Blow drying your hair creates frizzy, dry and brittle hair, but its quick right?  Well our microfiber hair towel will minimize the damage caused by drying appliances and you will naturally decrease how often you “blow your hair”. Our microfiber towel absorbs seven times its weight in water, assisting you in the hair drying process without ever plugging in an appliance. Its large size, 19” x 42” allows you to easily wrap around your head, tuck in or under and move around freely and it does not weigh heavily on your head as does cotton towels. #saveyourhair!
See our towels: Microfiber Towel Set (1 Hair & 1 Face Towel)
A Special Note to Naturally Curly:  As curly hair can be temperamental if it does not receive exactly what it needs, this towel will help you obtain just the right moisture balance for your hair. You will have to experiment as to the order of steps which work best for your hair. For instance, some customers like to apply gel to freshly washed wet/saturated hair and follow up with blot drying and scrunching with our towel while others swear by towel drying & scrunching their hair  first and then applying gel.  Both groups have reported amazingly defined curls using our towel. Experiment and find the right mix that your hair loves.  Two things both groups agree on: this towel beats terry cloth towels hands down for softer hair treatment that does not cause the hair to be frizzy and allows you to lock in a great moisture balance to your hair; and as this towel will absorb seven times its weight, it is fast acting and if left on the hair as a wrap for 10-15 minutes, it will continue to absorb moisture from your hair.  Therefore, if your intent is to wear defined curls, move through your hair process quickly.

Suggestion: flip head upside down when scrunch drying.

How to Wash your microfiber towel: For best results and a longer lasting towel, clean your towel with an eco-friendly detergent and rinse thoroughly. Some customers use baby laundry detergent, rinse and never put their towel in the dryer, but simply hang up their towels and allow it to air dry.

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