Blemish Prone Healing Toner


Clean, Heal, Soothe and Minimize Blemish and Rosacea Outbreaks

Lavender Hydrosol, MSM, Vitamin C, Vitamin B5 and salicylic acid work excellently together in this potent formulation to promote clean & clear skin without drying or irritating.  Our powerful botanical mix: clove, juniper and cayenne will control sebaceous gland production.



The Benefits


Lavender Hydrosol is a healing, deep cleaning, incredibly soothing ingredient that works exceptionally well for balancing oily skin and when blended with other hydrosols, such as the witch hazel we’ve included in our toner, you have a great combination of warriors fighting on your behalf.  Witch hazel will tone and tighten your pores and the MSM will allow greater absorption of our superhero ingredients into your skin. Our skin loves MSM as it is necessary for collagen production and is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Vitamin C and vitamin B5 help to radically improves skin health and complexion.  We’ve included willow bark derived salicylic acid to relieve oily and blemished skin. Last, but not least is our powerful botanical mix to include: clove, juniper and cayenne to help control sebaceous gland production. All of the above ingredients work gently but effectively to promote clean and clear skin, regenerate, refresh and calm your skin without drying or irritating.


Directions:  Shake well before using. Can be applied using cotton ball or your fingertips by applying directly on the face, neck, and décolleté area after washing. Use in the morning and before bedtime.  You can also spritz on during the day as a skin refresher. Follow with serum and moisturizer.



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