Coconut Silk Foaming Cleanser


The Best Natural Organic Skin Cleanser for Normal & Combination skin types

Coconut is a great moisturizer for both Skin and Hair as it contains a variety of minerals and nutrients. The oil of the coconut goes to work to remove dirt and dead skin cells while the nutrients feed and moisturize.  Coconut oil acids have antimicrobial properties which act to prevent or minimize acne breakouts. Antioxidants in coconut oil are superhero warriors against aging skin.



http://amypecoraro.com/blog/page/6/ The Benefits

Radiant, velvet-soft skin with a dewy fresh appeal is within your reach with our rich and creamy Coconut Silk foaming face Cleanser. Kalaiaah’s Coconut Silk antioxidant & antimicrobial Cleanser will remove impurities, nourish, hydrate and heal your skin while replenishing its moisture barrier.  Expect fewer acne breakouts, rapid healing and firmer skin as nutrient dense organic Aloe Vera  loaded  with minerals, enzymes, vitamins, amino and salicylic acid are your superhero warriors in the fight against aging skin….aah


Directions: Apply to moistened skin with finger tips using circular motions while avoiding direct contact with eyes. Rinse with clear, warm water. For best results always follow cleansing with toner, serum, moisturizer and eye treatment. To keep your skin clean and clear, use cleanser in the morning and before bedtime.


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