Facial Scrubber


Our 5 in 1 Beginner/Mini Skin Scrubber- robaxin mg dose FREE when you buy one Organic Skin Recovery Protocol kit:


  1. Cleansing Brush—use with facial cleanser to smooth away skin build-up
  2. Facial Sponge—a soothing sponge used with facial cleanser following exfoliation
  3. Latex Sponge—pamper delicate area around eyes/use to apply toner or serum (optional)
  4. Massager—Stimulate blood circulation/collagen production
  5. Pumice Stone/Polisher—use on rough spots/elbows & knees


Manual Exfoliation using our Beginner/Mini Scrubber and/or a good mix of AHA/BHA products (see our AHA/BHA Face Wash) or our Micro-dermabrasion crème work effectively to clear skin and is usually noticeable within 1-2 treatments. It is recommended that whichever process you choose to exfoliate your skin, that you should use a sunscreen following your treatments as your skin will be more sensitive to the sun.


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Consider this unit a beginner set for those who have never tried a facial scrubber before, this one is perfect as its inexpensive, multi-functional, light-weight, good to take when traveling and will allow you to decide if this type of appliance is right for you before you invest on average $150 for a “good” facial scrubber.


  • Use this Mini Skin Scrubber in conjunction with our Coconut Silk, Bio-Clear Face or our AHA/BHA Facial Cleanser to revitalize & renew your facial skin.
  • Some customers use the Sponge head with moisturizer on their legs and feet (following Polisher).
  • Expect a faster cell turn-over rate which will render a radiant, smooth, glowing and a more youthful looking skin tone.
  • Diminish fine lines and wrinkles
  • Assist in collagen production, which promotes firmer, toner skin and better elasticity.



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