Thermal Deep Conditioning Gel Cap



Your hair will be soft, intensely moisturized and its shine & luster will give it a natural richness. Expect defined curls if you alternately use the cap as a thermal hair curler.


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How to get soft, moisturized and healthy hair: Our deep conditioning microwavable Thermal Gel Cap doubles as a curling tool without the damaging effects caused by blow dryers and hair dryers. Condition & protect your hair with our gel cap. Thermal technology is great on natural, straight & curly hair. After washing your hair, apply your hair conditioner or hot oil treatment and use our Thermal Gel Cap while the treatment product is on your hair and you will turn a basic conditioning routine into a deeply nourishing and moisturizing experience as the efficacy of your hair conditioning product is maximized. The amazing cap works effectively as the heat from the cap forces your hair follicles to relax and open thereby allowing conditioner(s) or oils the greatest penetration and absorption. The cap appears to lock in moisture which gives a healthy shine and richness to the hair. What is the best way to get rid of frizzy hair? Use our Thermal Gel Cap. How to correct damaged hair? Use our Thermal Gel Cap. What to do about over-processed hair? Use our gel cap. How to correct dry hair and scalp? Use our Thermal Gel Cap. How to make your hair healthy and encourage its growth? Use our Thermal Gel Cap. The cap is reusable so you garner the best value for your dollar as the cap is on average, more economical than what you’d pay at the salon for only one visit/treatment. Did we mention the cordless convenience? Feel free to move freely while wearing our gel cap. NOTE: Always test the temperature of the cap before placing on your head. The heat of the cap should be comfortable to the touch. If cap is too hot, allow it to cool for a minute or two and test again.


Some customers experimented with the cap by rolling their hair after applying a light gel or mousse and wore the cap for 15 or more minutes; took the cap off and allowed their hair to cool for 5-10 minutes. They unrolled their hair to bouncy and behaving curls to envy. As the cap was not initially intended for this purpose, but we certainly don’t mind sharing the extra value. But, a word of caution: smaller rollers work best due to the size of the cap.


Directions: Just place our Thermal Gel Cap in the microwave for 2.5 minutes or on the stove top, heat 3 cups of water until its boiling; remove from burner and drop our Thermal Gel Cap into the pot and allow to sit for 3 minutes, allow it to cool a bit and its ready to be applied. Our gel is sewn into pockets in our cap so there is never a need to replace gel packs. Cap is fully assembled and ready to condition and curl. Always test the temperature of the cap before placing on your head. If the heat of the cap appears too hot, allow it to sit for a minute or two until it is comfortable to your touch. #Saveyourhair!


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