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11 Benefits Of Using Toners


So many women unknowingly sabotage their skincare by omitting facial toners from their routines.  Therefore, we are sharing 11 benefits of using toners.   Toners should be included in your daily regimen of skin-care. In fact, toners are your superhero warriors when they contain the right mix of organic & natural ingredients that are anti-blemish, anti-oily, anti-drying and anti-aging performers. Toners are dermatologist recommended. The first step is to clean your face with a gentle cleanser.  Follow the cleansing using a preferred toner, Super Vitamin C Organic Toner or Blemish Prone Healing Toner as your toner should be organic & natural and specifically for your skin type and needs so that it helps to clear-up skin challenges you might have.


  1. Purify Pores

Toners are an extension of your cleanser as they cleanse above and beyond your facial cleanser and purify your pores of any residual dirt, oil, and make-up.

  1. Detoxification

Toners remove environmental toxins (smog, smoke, chemical residues) giving you a brighter and healthier skin.

  1. Cleaning Alternative

Toners can actually be used in lieu of cleansers.

  1. Shrink Pores

As it purifies your pores, pores will not only look smaller, but actually shrink as the build-up of make-up, oil and dead skin cells are purged from your pores.

  1. Protects Skin

Toners minimize cell gaps and help to close pores, acting as a line of defense against potential environmental impurities and contaminants entering your pores.

  1. Balances skin pH

As skin is naturally acidic with a pH balance in the range of 5-6, using a toner daily will maintain proper skin oil levels and establish or maintain a balanced pH. Therefore, by balancing your skin’s pH level, you are keeping oil production in check while staving off potential for skin infections all of which gives the skin a smoother and more vibrant appearance.

  1. Reduces Acne Breakouts

Acne can cause your skin to be more oily or dull and unbalanced. Facial toners reduce blemish and acne breakouts and foil future breakouts by clearing away oily buildup and dead skin cells.

  1. Hydrates

Many toners are considered humectants and therefore hydrate your skin through their binding abilities.

  1. Nourish/Feed

Not only are toners excellent in hydrating your skin, they can also deliver vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that feed your skin to keep it healthy and balanced.

  1. Grooming Aid

Toners can be grooming aids as they stave off dry skin, dead skin cell build-ups and in-grown hairs when the powers of toners are combined with hydroxyl acids, such as glycolic acid.

  1. Multi-functional

Facial toners work well to reduce oily deposits on the chest, back and arms; foiling potential acne before it can erupt. In addition, try cleaning in and around your ears with your toner for a refreshing and clean finish. See Super Vitamin C Organic Toner  and Blemish Prone Healing Toner.

So…why would you want to miss the opportunity of treating your skin with a splash of toner?  You wouldn’t.