Stop Eating Meat

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New to Plant Based Eating

I’d like to tell you that I decided to start this journey of veganism due to the cruelty of animals. But, the fact is, I became a vegan as my health was deteriorating, energy lacking and I was beginning to “feel my age”.  However, as I researched and read on the subject of being a vegan, it occurred to me that eating animals is gross.  Now, I was raised on eating animals so, at some point, I was ignorant to the fact that we as humans are not meant to eat meat.  There is a voluminous amount of information on the subject of whether or not we should eat meat and I won’t go into that in detail, but you should feel free to research for yourself and determine what is right for you.

Regarding my deteriorating health, I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels and had cancer of the thyroid about 16 years ago. I have been prescribed high blood pressure medicines for just over 20 years and cholesterol medicines for at least 18 years and I decided that these medicines were wreaking havoc on my body.  Think about it, what were suppose to be temporary band-aids to afford me the opportunity to change my lifestyle and eating habits, had become a staple in my day-to-day.  When I finally said enough is enough, I took myself off of the medicines as I no longer wanted to artificially and chemically impact my body.  My doctors scared me back onto the meds when I didn’t change enough of my eating habits and so I resumed only to take myself off again.  I have been on again and off again my meds over the last 3 years.  However, since I have become vegan, my blood pressure has stabilized and my cholesterol has dropped by 25% and continues to decrease.  I’m excited to see my next lab work which is due in October.

We are What We Eat

For most of my life people believed or have guessed my age to be 6-10 years younger than I actually am; but I noticed the look of my face and body begin to catch up with my age. Sure, inevitably everyone ages, but the saying “we are what we eat” turns out to be scientifically based as what we eat is reflected inside and outside of our bodies. With that said, I began seeing food as functional rather than pleasurable or to satisfy emotional needs.  Therefore, I could eat a black bean, sweet potato & arugula on whole-wheat pita bread sandwich with a drizzle of fresh herbs & a dollop of salsa rather than a bean & cheese burrito with a dollop of sour cream and spices that are dense with fat and produce excessive acids in the body. Though both meals actually taste great, the first meal is highly functional, while the second meal’s functionality is that of a lower grade.  Our body will pull from the meal as many nutrients as is available, but do not expect to absorb grade A nutrients and functionality from the burrito example.

Eating nutrient dense plant based foods not only taste great, but “does a body good”.

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